Manor Photography

Artwork Copying

Important note: Customers making use of this service will be required to demonstrate they own the copyright of the items to be copied, or that they have permission from the copyright holder.
Laird Studio Kimba
Dog paintings reproduced with permission from Darkness to Light.

Photographic copying of paintings, photos, prints, oil, watercolour, or any other flat artwork.

  • Sell limited edition prints of your work.
  • Keep a permanent record of your art.
  • Ideal for small print runs.

Manor Photography uses digital strobes and a polarized light source to ensure your artwork is evenly lit and reflections or glare from a gloss finish are removed. A 21-megapixel digital studio camera ensures every detail is captured, allowing reproduction of high quality prints at large sizes. We can copy all forms of flat artwork including oil paintings, watercolours behind glass and photographic prints.

There is a set up fee of 45 + VAT for each session. This covers as many pieces of artwork as you would like copied at one time, and this set up cost may be shared with fellow artists.

Prints are then available at the following prices:

  • 12x8 inches 15.00 + VAT
  • 18x12 inches 25.50 + VAT

Other print sizes or discounts for larger print runs are available on request. Prints are colour matched and profiled at all stages, but an exact match is not guaranteed and variations in colour and/or density may be present.

High resolution JPG files can be supplied on a CD:

  • CD writing fee (650Mb) 15.00 + VAT
  • Charge per file 10.00 + VAT

Delivery costs charged as follows:

  • Collect from studio FREE (we are based in Cheney Manor SN2)
  • Delivery by first class Royal Mail 7.50 (uninsured)
  • Personal delivery within 10 mile radius 9.50
  • Personal delivery beyond 10 mile radius please ask for details

Turnaround is normally within 28 days. More urgent turnaround can be arranged within 7 days (+50% on all costs) or next day (+100% on all costs).

Copyright of all work remains with the artist at all times. You will need to prove you have permission from the copyright holder of any artwork. Please read our full Terms and Conditions.